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Engineering machinery can also "cash-for-clunkers"
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) "with the development of construction machinery in projectile coming to an end, second-hand machinery stock market increases year by year, the market space remains to be further mining and specifications." Yesterday, reporters learned from the industry, jinjiang a second-hand engineering machinery enterprises machinery network officially launched operations. According to introducing, as the second-hand market, "cash-for-clunkers" become another way to promote the new sales.


Buy used machines to promote new sales


"Due to the limited funding, small and medium-sized enterprises of second-hand machinery demand is big, it is the foundation of the second-hand market strong demand." Jinjiang equipment manufacturing association deputy secretary-general of the far think before zheng.


It is understood that the current domestic second-hand engineering machinery's has more than 5 million units, in 2015, the engineering machinery sales will reach more than 1 million units. According to the mechanical equipment life cycle, by 2020, a year of engineering machinery scrap units expect up to 1.2 million units.


"Because of the growing stock, plus the agent manufacturing capacity to strengthen again, second-hand machinery market development potential." Jin machinery co., LTD. Three o marketing product manager yan told reporters, according to the engineering machinery working hours, working condition of fixed number of year, after assessment, customers can to sell second-hand machinery at a discount to the machine manufacturer, and this part of the price as the new part of the purchase price, "the popular culture, is the scrappage."


Second-hand machinery market for the machine manufacturers, the most direct effect is to promote new sales. "Second-hand machinery online line, has also received many calls, this way become an important part of the new sales." The relevant person in charge of jinjiang engineering machinery enterprises.


"Agents are encouraged to establish overhaul factory, in order to set up corresponding to buy used machinery repair and parts replacement ability." Three o yan told reporters that by raising the agent of second-hand construction machinery manufacturing capacity, to control the reproduction of second-hand machinery cost, improve profit margins.


A second-hand market chaos to specification


"But there is no denying the fact that no unified standard of second-hand construction machinery market, the market more chaos." Industry insiders said, current evaluation criteria of second-hand machinery is still blank, generally by the enterprise with the user according to the lifespan of the machine equipment, the use of private information such as time, working condition of use discretion, prone to manipulation, the sustainable and healthy development of industry.


In addition, the "second-hand no three packs of service after sale? Buy need to draw up invoices? These are problems. Some manufacturer in order to increase profits, forging machine use fixed number of year, or will the machine brand and machine number to change, such as these will damage the interests of customers." Yan think three o.


According to introducing, in recent years, the national related department has issued such as the general principles of the circulation of second-hand equipment specification rules on the market, and various segments of industry standards in the formulation of perfect gradually.


"At present, how to correctly guide the development of second-hand machinery market is still in the exploratory stage, but as the trading system and the strengthening of national regulation should be gradually improved, second-hand machinery industry is expected to gradually standardized." Far before zheng said.
Source: quanzhou evening news

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